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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, part 8 (bi-high school)______________8________________Jamie met Carolyn at the downtown area, which was a fairly short walk from
their houses. "Hey, Car!" said Jamie happily upon seeing her friend, and
they kissed preteen lolitas nymphets models each other on the cheek, holding on to each other's arms for a
moment and looking into each other's eyes. "You ok with everything?" asked
Jamie with some concern."More than ok, honey," responded Carolyn with a smile. She leaned in
slightly and added "I was just thinking that your cheek isn't my nude lolitas pics html first
choice of where to kiss you, but it'll have to do." She was wearing a baggy
green sundress again that hid any curves she might have had, but looked
cute nonetheless.Gotta get to work on you, Jamie thought. She herself was wearing a short
tank top that ended at her navel and sport shorts with the waistband rolled
up twice, making the shorts very short and pulled them just tight enough
into her crotch to show a slight bulge without being too obvious about
it. Her thick blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. "Let's get you a
decent suit on this sexy bod," said Jamie, leading Carolyn into the swim
shop.Upon walking into the swimsuit shop, Jamie made a beeline for the bikini
rack, grabbing several suits that caught preteen lolita sex pics
her eye before Carolyn had even
made her way much past the door. "Let's try these on," she said, pulling
Carolyn into a changing room and shutting the door. She first held up a
bright blue string bikini with wood circles where the parts of the suit
connected. "Look at this one! Isn't it cute?"Carolyn looked at it guardedly. "Not much to it, is there?""That's the point, dope. You've got a hot little body there, and why not
show it off? You can't keep wearing those old Speedos you wear all the
time--they're fine for swimming laps or something, but when you go to the
pool you want to be seen! Take off your clothes.""With you in here?""Carolyn, what are you worried about? Girls go in here together all the
time. It's not like I haven't seen you naked before. And from very close
up, need I remind you?" Jamie added, batting her eyelashes."Oh, ok I guess," agreed Carolyn reluctantly, "But it's because of that
that I feel kinda weird about it. If we hadn't been sexual with each other
yesterday it's be like just changing for gym, but now...I think we look at
each other in a different way, that's all. At least I look at you
different. If you were getting naked in front of me I'd get all wet and
horny again."Jamie paused, letting that sink in. "What's wrong with that?" she said
softly."'Cause we can't do anything about it here and I'll get all frustrated
again like I was yesterday, and I don't ever want to feel that way again!"
said Carolyn shakily, pulling her sundress over her head as she said
it. Jamie involuntarily sucked in a breath as she saw her friend in bra and
panties again; Carolyn's small nipples were already erect, and the split
between her pussy lips was visible through her small white panties. Jamie
felt wetness begin to grow between her own legs. Shit, she thought;
Carolyn's right--I can't be in here with her naked and not get turned on
anymore. Yesterday really did change things.Carolyn unhooked her bra, allowing her taut breasts to swing free, and
quickly lowered her panties to the floor, revealing her bright orange pubic
hair and the hint of pink lips beneath. She really does have a beautiful
natural body, thought Jamie. Carolyn's slim, shapely legs ended with firm
thighs and a beautiful, muscular ass, with a space about three fingers wide
between her thighs at the top. "Gimme a suit," she said tersely, causing
Jamie to wonder what was wrong, whether she had pushed Carolyn too hard,
but she decided to let it go for now as she handed her the blue
string. Carolyn pulled it up her slim hips and smiled as it snugged around
her dampening pussy. It looked good--her waist was nicely trim, and with
her ass and legs the tiny suit accentuated all of her best points. hottest lolita toplist bbs The top
was a bit large, but not too much so."Let's see this a second," said Jamie, getting up off the bench in the
changing room and moving behind Carolyn at the mirror. She ran her hands
gently down along Carolyn's hips, smoothing the material, pulling the side
strings a little, and then her hands ran up to Carolyn's breasts, pausing
at the sides. "May I?" she asked. Carolyn nodded her head quickly, not
knowing exactly what Jamie was asking about, but trusting her friend. Jamie
reached her right hand inside the bikini top and cupped Carolyn's breast,
adjusting it lightly within the fabric, then her left hand did the same to
the left breast, but this time instead of smoothing the fabric her fingers
paused at the hard nipple and caressed it, pulling on it
gently. "Ohhhhhhhh," moaned Carolyn as her head fell backwards onto Jamie's
shoulder. Jamie leaned forward and began kissing the side of Carolyn's
neck, feeling her friend melt back into her, and then put both hands onto
Carolyn's breasts, tweaking each nipple as she lightly kissed and licked
her neck and ear. "Oh, God, what are you doing to me?" pleaded Carolyn, her
hips starting to rotate and pump involuntarily. Noticing this, Jamie slowly
lowered her right hand from Carolyn's breast along her side, then moved it
to the center and inside of the small bikini bottom, along Carolyn's very
soft, sparse pubic fur, where her middle finger lightly stroked along the
outer edge of the rubbery inner lips. They were very moist and noticeably
larger than when Carolyn had put the suit on. Her pumping hips caused
Jamie's roaming finger to slip between the lips, and as her middle finger
parted them and fully entered Carolyn's wet hole Carolyn moved her face
over to Jamie's mouth, until then still lightly tonguing her neck, and
kissed her full on, their tongues swirling and dancing in each other's
mouth as Jamie's finger fucked in and out of Carolyn's throbbing pussy.As the bottoms of the swim suit slid down Carolyn's legs with the activity
Jamie happened to look in the mirror in front of which they still stood,
and the sight took her breath away. Carolyn, almost totally naked, was
entirely hers, her eyes closed in passion as their tongues snaked out child lolita photo art and
played with each other, her chest flushed and bikini teen models lol heaving, the muscles in her
legs visibly twitching, and her inflamed pussy lips swollen around Jamie's
probing finger, her hips thrusting back and forth with Jamie's
strokes. Jamie felt Carolyn's body begin to shake all over, and Carolyn's
mouth moved away from hers as she let out a high, soft mewing sound, her
hips thrusting rapidly and her legs apparently weakening to the point that
Jamie's other hand was forced from Carolyn's breast to around her waist in
support. Carolyn's orgasm continued for a good thirty seconds before it
began to lose its strength, and as she came out of her trance Carolyn's
eyes opened and looked softly at her friend, leaning in to kiss her gently
as her body ceased its throbbing. "Thank you," she said softly, "Thank
you.""The pleasure's all mine, babe," responded Jaime thickly, until that moment
unaware of the extent of her own arousal. Witnessing Carolyn's passionate
orgasm in the mirror had been one of the most erotic things she had ever
seen, and as Carolyn moved out of the way Jamie saw herself in the
mirror. Her lipstick was, bbs loli place svens
of course, smudged terribly, but her chest and
face were flushed, her breathing rapid, her nipples visibly erect through
her thin tank top and, most tellingly, the crotch of her shorts was damp.
"Oh my God," said Carolyn with wonder, "Look!" and pointed the Jamie's
crotch, indicating that Jamie's hard clit was quite clearly protruding
against her brief shorts, the material tenting out about an inch at the
location of the erect nub."Oh, shit," said Jamie, "See what I was telling you yesterday? I don't know
if this is a blessing or a curse.""I don't know why it would ever be a curse," said Carolyn happily, "I think
you're very lucky, and I'm lucky to get to play with it too." With that,
she reached over and touched the little organ through Jamie's shorts,
causing Jamie to suck in her breath quickly with the electric shock feeling
of it."No, not here...wait...somebody might...I'm gonna wreck my shorts...Awwwww,
fuck..." Jamie gave up as Carolyn pressed her lips to hers, her tongue
invading her suddenly willing mouth, and Jamie ripped her shorts down with
a quick motion. Carolyn's hand reached down for Jamie's crotch as they
kissed passionately, her fingers trying to cup and contain the swollen sex,
but her small hand felt unable to cover it all, and she alternated pulling
on the protruding inner lips and tickling the erect clitoris above, which
swelled further and pulsed with her attention. Jamie was quickly in a near
frenzy, and juice began to run down her leg as she pleaded with her friend,
"Jack my clit! Pull it with your fingers! Oh, shit I need to come so bad!
Ohhhh, jack it NOW!" Carolyn urgently tried to comply, driving her first
two fingers deep into Jamie's sopping hole as her thumb rubbed quick
circles around the bone hard clitoris, its head purple and visibly
throbbing. "OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh my dream lolitas biz
Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jamie cried out as her orgasm hit, her clitoris swelling to
near bursting before the violent release, her hips pistoning furiously and
then stopping suddenly as a huge gush of fluid spurted from her clenching
pussy and landed on the floor of the changing room with an audible splat,
after which her hips started pumping again for almost a half minute, juice
continuing to drip from her gradually relaxing sex. Carolyn looked at her
friend in the mirror and saw the absolute epitome of sex: everything that
could be swollen was hugely distended, from her nipples to her vaginal lips
to her clitoris, which still poked out from the top of her vagina like the
tip of an index finger. Carolyn felt herself becoming extremely aroused
again at the sight, but knew that this time she needed to control it. They
were, after all, in a semi-public place, and knew that neither of them had
any idea how loud their orgasms were. There could be a crowd outside the
door, for all they knew. She leaned in and gently kissed Jamie on the
lips. "We gotta get out of here," she said quietly.Jamie's eyes were just coming back into focus, but she nodded in
agreement. "You're going to get that suit, right?" she asked."Absolutely! If it works like that on everybody I'll get more sex than I
can handle," Carolyn joked.Jamie looked at herself in the mirror. "Jesus, I get worked up, don't I?
Look at this floor," she added, indicating a large wet spot where her
ejaculation had landed. "Thank God it doesn't smell too much or we'd be
busted for sure. Hand me that terrycloth suit, would you?" Carolyn handed
her the suit, and she gently wiped it along her open sex and her upper
thighs, absorbing the leftover fluid. She pulled her shorts back on,
checking to see if all was where it should be. Her clit was still slightly
visible, not having fully receded yet, but it was no longer obvious what it
was. Should have worn underwear, damn it, she thought. After combing her
fingers through her thick hair for a moment or two and wiping off the
smeared lipstick with a tissue she declared herself ready. She pulled the
door open and both of them peeked out, halfway between expecting either
applause or arrest, but were somewhat surprised to see no one but the clerk
in the store. "Man," Jamie observed, "Either these rooms are completely
soundproof or absolutely nobody cares." Carolyn agreed, hoping it was the
former or she'd die of embarrassment.She presented her purchase to the attractive young brunette clerk, who rung
it up with no comment other than a sly smile until they tried to open the
door and found it locked. The clerk ran from behind the counter to open it,
turning the "Closed" sign back around as she did so, and said "Shoot,
sorry; I locked it because I didn't think you guys would want to be
bothered. Oh, and, uh," she added shyly, "I should probably tell you that
there's a two way mirror in our changing rooms for anti-shoplifting
purposes. guys are amazing--come back anytime--I can arrange a
discount." With a dazzling smile the brunette opened the side of her short
wrap skirt to topless tween lolita model reveal a very damp looking, well trimmed dark bush, with just
a hint of swollen vaginal lips visible beneath. "Just ask for Sara."Carolyn and Jamie shyly thanked Sara and kissed her on the cheek, then
dashed out the door, dissolving into topless tween lolita model a fit of nervous giggles once outside.
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